Monday, 19 November 2012


All I wanted for my birthday was to spend the day with my lovely hubby and eat some yummy food at the German Market.  So we went for lunch and devoured some deep fried cheese, spicy frankfurter, cheese garlic bread, a custard doughnut and some spiced apple juice (Mark had the alcoholic version).  It was so yummy, we don’t bother to look round the stalls, they’re all same old same old, once you’ve been once you’ve seen them all.  All we go for is the food, just jump on the train from Wolves, it’s dead easy.

Finished off the evening with a takeaway from my favourite Indian (Albrighton Balti) and ate with Mark and mum.  It was the perfect day!  And my naughty husband bought me a Kitchenaid mixer which I have always wanted but he really shouldn’t have!  I look forward to testing it once cakes stop making me feel sick!!  He also got me a onesie which I love and is so warm and comfy J