Sunday, 22 January 2017

Children and Pets

So Macy went in for her immunisations the other day, she had one in each arm and she did not bat an eyelid, she didn't even flinch, no tears at all.  She understands it is to keep her healthy and part of why she was so good is I take her with me when we take the animals for their annual booster.  Someone said to me well it's a bit different when you are having one yourself but this came from someone who is scared stiff of needles so they are bound to say that.  I don't want Macy to be scared of needles, my husband hates needles and she isn't going to grow up hating them.  Hence why I exposed her to the animals having their vaccinations as she can see it doesn't hurt and it is over in a flash.  Animals have a real benefit in our lives.

Studies also show all sorts of benefits for children who live with animals including lower stress levels and have better empathy.  People laugh when they ask me if Macy is having a brother or sister and I tell them no she has the animals instead.   I can remember someone asking me if I was going to rehome the cat when we had Macy, I was shocked at the question, he is part of the family, there is no way, it didn't even cross my mind!  For more info on studies click here

There is some really bad press about sometimes with regards to dog attacks, it is unfair to blame the animal, it is the owner who is at fault.  No matter how much you think you can trust an animal you should never leave them unattended, I don't think you can ever trust an animal 100%, ever.  And I own the softest, dopiest dog in the world!