Monday, 31 December 2012

The Dartmouth Arms

I decided we should go out for NYE as it will be our last year being just the two of us, so we booked a table at The Dartmouth Arms, Burnhill Green – my favourite Italian.  I wanted to eat at 6pm then get home and chill out together to see the new year in.  They had a set menu.  I started off with cheesey garlic butter bruschetta which was lovely and had plenty of cheese and garlic.  Mark had meatballs and oh the tomato sauce was to die for, so rich and tasty!

Main course I had chicken in a tomato and pepper sauce with garlic roast potatoes and veg – proper chicken breast, not bashed and flattened like most places!  The potatoes were a little dry but otherwise the sauce was very tasty.  Mark had a mushroom and fillet steak linguini and that was beautiful too, very tasty, not too creamy but really tasty sauce.

For dessert I had a toffee temptation which was a vanilla ice cream with a praline filling and a toffee sauce topping – it was really tasty and something a bit different.  Mark had a huge slab of tiramisu which he said was very tasty. 

It was £29.95 for the set menu which I thought was good value for New Years Eve and lovely food, decent portion sizes too!!

Pushchair Shopping

Well we popped into Toys R Us to look at cots and decided on their dark wood sleigh bed cot they had in the sale, so we ordered that.  While we were there I also looked at pushchairs (or should I say ‘travel systems’), luckily there’s not much choice as I want a 3 wheeler, living in the countryside I think it’s the best option.  So I decided on the Quinny Moodd (which is supposed to have better suspension than the buzz).

However my sister in law threw a spanner in the works and mentioned the iCandy as you can convert that to a double pushchair for when number 2 arrives (we do hope to have two close together).  It would make more sense to buy something with this option as I would like to buy new really.  What a minefield though!  I found Quinny’s website easy to navigate and find out which model was best for us, but iCandy there are so many models I am lost!  I think it’s the apple jogger I want as that has three wheels, the peach jogger doesn’t convert to a double pushchair.  It’s ridiculous though as there aren’t any prices for them anywhere and it means a trip to John Lewis to test them which is over an hour away.  Still I suppose will only do it once!!

Oh and I am not superstitious about having the pushchair in the house, would rather be prepared!

Friday, 28 December 2012


The poor lad we have been telling him off as he keeps looking as if he’s going to wee everywhere!  We noticed him going in and out of his litter tray a lot without much happening in the wee department.  Luckily the vet had a free appointment and wanted to see him there and then in case he had a blockage, turns out he has cystitis which is caused by stress, poor lad feel do bad for telling him off now!  He’s had an antibiotic and an anti inflammatory injection so no going out still just yet!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Clothes Shopping

Logged onto the Next sale today and ordered a load of half price maternity wear.  I don’t mind buying cheap tops from Primark or Asda or wherever but I wanted some good quality trousers so have ordered some black and some blue jeans and some black work trousers – all under the bump, I suppose I should have mixed and matched but I think I will be more comfy in those as I always wear hipsters and hate waisted trousers so fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

12 Weeks

We went for our 12 week scan today only to be told I was probably 13 weeks (tomorrow), though I personally can’t see it but there you go.  So my due date is now 27th June 2013, would rather it be earlier than later though!  Baby measured 6.6cm long (our first date was on 6th of the 6th month J ).  Of course they took some more blood.  So it’s real, there is really a baby there, although I have been sick I don’t know if I ever really believed it!  So now we can tell people, hooray!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

We're In!!

Hooray, so happy, dogs are settled, we’re settled.  Clee the cat is still stressing out big time, poor lad, wouldn’t have thought it would bother him this much! 

Here’s the dogs in the garden, the pond will be filled in as Rum has already thought he can walk on water and I don’t like the thought of having a toddler and a pond!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


What a cool date to complete on, seeing as I am pregnant I am not allowed to lift a finger so it’s been a very relaxing house move for me, but for Mark it’s been a bit hectic.  He’s been a godsend and done so much, I am not off work till next week so it’s all down to him at the moment!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Midwife Booking

We went to see the midwife at Bridgnorth hospital which is a lovely little place and definitely where I want to be as long as there aren’t any complications, I don’t want to be in a zoo being ushered in and out with loads of other people, it’s just not me.  So hopefully it works out.  She tried to hear a heartbeat but couldn’t as baby was hiding too low down, she did say I was about the right size so that’s good to know.  She also took loads of blood!