Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Range Rover Evoque 12v Remote Car

So we wanted to buy her a car for her 1st birthday but it arrived early and the weather was lovely so.......
We wanted something that looked good so it had to be a licensed car as the cheaper unlicensed ones just look a bit cheap and nasty.  We almost went for a Mercedes G Wagon but decided on the evoque in the end as just thought it looked a bit more modern and sportier too.  Some of them, the children sit with their heads out of the top of the front windows and windscreen which also looks a bit daft, this looked the most realistic.
 The car was easy enough to put together, we did a bit of customisation, putting a number plate on and painted the alloys black so it looks ace!  We had decided on the 12v version as they say the 6v isn't great on grass - we have a massive garden so wanted the more powerful car.  I am glad we did as if we don't cut the grass it does struggle a bit so the 6v would have been awful.
 It looks fab, the lights work, the horn sounds, it has real engine noises when you start it up, an mp3 plugin and a seatbelt for safety.  Off we sent her round the garden controlling her with the parental remote, she loves it, thinks it is brilliant.  The only thing we (and she) is not keen on is that when it stops, it really does so with a jolt and throws her back a bit.  I don't know what it is like when she takes control.  We will have to see when she is a bit older.