Monday, 31 December 2012

Pushchair Shopping

Well we popped into Toys R Us to look at cots and decided on their dark wood sleigh bed cot they had in the sale, so we ordered that.  While we were there I also looked at pushchairs (or should I say ‘travel systems’), luckily there’s not much choice as I want a 3 wheeler, living in the countryside I think it’s the best option.  So I decided on the Quinny Moodd (which is supposed to have better suspension than the buzz).

However my sister in law threw a spanner in the works and mentioned the iCandy as you can convert that to a double pushchair for when number 2 arrives (we do hope to have two close together).  It would make more sense to buy something with this option as I would like to buy new really.  What a minefield though!  I found Quinny’s website easy to navigate and find out which model was best for us, but iCandy there are so many models I am lost!  I think it’s the apple jogger I want as that has three wheels, the peach jogger doesn’t convert to a double pushchair.  It’s ridiculous though as there aren’t any prices for them anywhere and it means a trip to John Lewis to test them which is over an hour away.  Still I suppose will only do it once!!

Oh and I am not superstitious about having the pushchair in the house, would rather be prepared!