Saturday, 9 July 2011

Dyson Groom Tool

The Dyson groom tool is a brush attachment for grooming your dog, it attaches to Dyson vacuum cleaners enabling the vacuum to suck any hair loosened when grooming your dog.
The attachment itself features a slicker type brush and it fits easily onto the Dyson vacuum. It is operated by holding down a lever on the back of the brush. 
I used the tool on my long coated Sheltie, the brush itself is suitable for her coat type, the slicker bristles can sometimes be too short but with this brush they are long enough for her long coat. I used the tool attached to a battery operated hand held Dyson Animal which I felt was a bit bulky for a small dog, therefore I would probably recommend attaching it to a hose for small dogs. The tool itself is great and it is refreshing to find yourself brushing the dog and not getting covered in hair! Sometimes the hair does get stuck around the bristles and doesn't suck up first time so you just have to press the lever on the brush a couple of times to loosen the hair, the vacuum then sucks the hair through the brush really well. 
The tool was also tested on my medium coated shepherd cross, again the brush was attached to the Dyson and using this was a lot easier on a bigger dog. I found the tool worked very well as the hairs didn’t tend to get wrapped round the brush as much as with my long coated dog and they were sucked up through the vacuum easily. 
Finally the tool was tested on my other partner’s short coated german shepherd. Again this worked really well on her and despite being short coated we managed to fill the vacuum up quickly! 

Overall I think this is a fantastic tool – the brush is a decent brush and works on a variety of coat types and it’s easy to use. It’s a fantastic invention – you can now brush your dog without getting covered in dog hairs! I can’t recommend it enough.

Here is the video review: