Saturday, 23 June 2012


Neither of us had wakeboarded before. We had water skii'd which Mark had done well at but Gina had struggled with so this time Gina was determined to do well!

Attempt One
We had watched some YouTube tutorials on how to get up and practiced our position at the house so had an idea of what we needed to do.Mark tried first and struggled to get up & get the board out of the water, Gina also had the same problem. Giving it another go and Mark managed to get up for a while but said it didn't feel right. Gina also managed to get up but not for long as just couldn't get balanced.
Upon going back to the house and doing some research we realised we didn't have a wakeboard and it was actually a kite surfing board. So off to Decathlon we went and came home with a 2011 Jobe Crypt Wakeboard!

Attempt Two
Armed with our proper wakeboard (on comparing the two there is quite a difference) we were ready for action.Mark went first and managed to get up quickly and stayed up for a while, he mastered how to turn quickly and felt a lot more stable on the real deal!Gina next and she got straight up, on her last go she also mastered turning back and forth across the wake of the boat.The only trouble is it absolutely kills your arms and lower back so we couldn't have many goes before we were dying lol! Next time we need to work on our position and technique!

Attempt Three
Three days later we went out again having done some watching on YouTube on how to turn best we were ready to put it all into practice.
Gina went first and started to feel more comfortable and controlled with turning, finding that with altering her position it didn't feel so uncomfortable and painful!  Gina was trying to keep the board in line with the boat and move from side to side which some videos suggested.
On the other hand Mark was practicing changing direction by turning the nose of the board into the direction he wanted to go which other videos suggested to do, this resulted in sharper and quicker turns.
Unfortunately the sea got a little too rough so we only managed to squeeze in a couple of attempts otherwise we might have been explaining how we started to learn jumps!  Now we're back home and eager to get back to try again!!

Here's our video with our first attempt on the proper wakeboard, followed by our third day's attempts and then the view from the wakeboard!