Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cervical Screening

Today is 4 years to the date of Jade Goody's funeral, it was reported on the radio this morning the amount of women having their cervical smear has dropped.  Please ladies go and have your cervical smear!

I am 28 and I had my first at the age of 26 which came back abnormal with moderate changes (you can have slight, moderate or severe changes) and I had to go into hospital to have the abnormal cells removed.  Without this intervention, the cells could turn into cancer so I am very grateful for the smear.  I will always get mine done, since then my smear came back with borderline changes so I had to go back 6 months later for another which came back clear and I am now on an annual check up.

The smear itself is nothing, doesn’t hurt and it’s really quick so please please get your smear done as it could save your life.   The smear only takes 5 minutes, what is 5 minutes compared to the rest of your life??  You can find more information on the NHS website here