Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cornetto chocolate

I came across these while in Asda - conveniently placed by the checkout with the other chocolates, designed to make you think "oh I just fancy a chocolate so I'll buy one of these!"

Anyway they caught my eye a I thought they looked cute! Described as Cornetto Vanilla Chocolate Cone - vanilla flavoured white chocolate truffle in a wafer cone, chocolate flavoured coating and caramelised hazelnut pieces.

My review - mmmmmmmm! Lol! These are really yummy, the caramelised hazelnuts are lovely and sweet. The truffle centre is very tasty and they still have the normal chocolate at the bottom of the cone just like you would find in a normal Cornetto ice cream. The only thing I would improve is perhaps make the cone a bit thinner as its quite think halfway down because there is less filling. However this may make the chocolate too brittle? 

All in all I would buy again and only 110 calories per cone so I didn't feel as guilty for eating it!

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