Thursday, 27 March 2014

Volkswagen Tiguan

I have recently started driving the 2.0 tdi Volkswagen Tiguan, S model which is the basic model.

I have to say what a great car, I would have liked the 4 wheel drive version but ended up with the 2 wheel version and am really pleased with it. I saw one at Crufts and had a sit in it, had always liked the look of them but this spurred me on to try one!

It handles really well, a lot of 4x4s I am not keen on as they feel like a boat around the corners! It's why I loved the Porsche Cayenne as it handled like a dream! It's because it's not as high as some of the 4x4s, which I like, it's a perfect height to get in and out of and to get the car seat in and out of too.

The boot isn't huge, probably average for a large hatchback however you can move the rear seats forward and make it a lot bigger which is then plenty big enough for the dog and pushchair :).

The 2 litre diesel is really nippy yet still really economical as I am getting near enough 50mpg just for short journeys. Tax isn't bad at about £70 for 6 months.

I love it, I really do and would like the R line 4 wheel drive version when I can afford it! It's economical enough to be a good run around and practical enough to be taking the dog for walks etc. best of both worlds!

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