Thursday, 24 July 2014

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

So I was back earning money at work and thought, why not I am having one!  I had fallen in love with the violet syrup as soon as Quinny posted the new colour.  It came at a time when I was struggling to fit my Xtra (1) in the car when it was packed with dogs, child and everything else!  However I love how light and manoeuvrable the Xtra is so I didn’t want to get rid, I also had the Curious Colours which was so pretty, so it was only when I saw the Violet Syrup I seriously considered upgrading.

I ordered from Very who messed me around and I have since found out do not have very good customer service, however it eventually arrived on Monday.  We tested it properly for the first time today.

The fold mechanism is easy to do, very similar the Xtra 1 – some people say it is too complication and difficult to put up and down one handed, yes you do have to use two hands to put up and down but this doesn’t bother me at all.  The pushchair is so light, I had an iCandy Apple to start with but it was so heavy I got rid.  It folds down so small it is loads better than having to unclip the seat unit which was quite big in itself.  It handles really well and again people have said they don’t find it sturdy as the handles move too much, yes there is some give in the handles but I find this better as it makes it a bit easier to push and isn’t so rigid somehow.  My little girl seems to love it and it’s the first pushchair she actually wanted to get back into! 


Zapp – seat unit is fixed, doesn’t recline or adjust, pushchair folds into one small piece

Zapp Xtra – seat unit has several positions and you can add a maxi cosi car seat, however seat unit has to come off to collapse and is quite large

Zapp Xtra 2 - seat unit has several positions and you can add a maxi cosi car seat, pushchair folds into one small piece – hoorah!!! :)

The only thing I have noticed is the white hood already has a dirty mark on it and we have only been down the road to the pub and back.  Quinny claim the fabric is water and dirt repellent so that is a little disappointing.