Friday, 8 August 2014

Homemade Pin Board

I discovered the app that is Polagram which prints your instagram photos in polaroid style so I needed somewhere to put them!

Macy's room is going to be butterfly themed and I couldn't find a shaped pinboard so it was time to make my own!
I bought everything from ebay and started off with a cheap pin board. I designed an outline on the computer. I pulled the frame off the pin board and placed the butterfly template on top, then I drew round it with a stanley knife.
I bought some 6oz polyester wadding and cut that to shape.
I bought some really pretty fabric and cut around the butterfly making sure there was a couple of inches left over to fold over the back.
I then stapled the fabric onto the back and used some glue where it looked like the fabric might fray.

Next were the ribbons which I crudely stuck to the back with tape! Used some pins to pin the ribbons where they crossed over. Some hooks in the back and hey presto:

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