Monday, 9 March 2015

Aldi Eggjoyables

We love the Cadburys Egg N Spoon, not keen on the double chocolate but love the vanilla cream. They aren't cheap however and in Tesco are £3 for a pack of 4, normally you can get them on offer from somewhere though.

When I was in Aldi today I came across these and snapped them up! At £1.59, it's a bargain.
So the box looks similar, same concept inside the box:
Four eggs and two spoons, the eggs look exactly the same when unwrapped:

But what about the taste? Well, I actually preferred them! I was surprised as I didn't think they could be as nice but to find them nicer, well that is a bonus! There was more cream inside and the chocolate shell was thicker too. The cream was a bit sweeter and reminded me of milky way - like a fluffier version.

So the conclusion is I shall be saving some pennies and buying these :)