Sunday, 17 May 2015

Petits Filous Magic Squares & Play Dates!

Macy loves to be outside, she hates being shut indoors therefore when the weather is dry we usually find something exciting to do outdoors. She doesn't sit still for long so we are always looking for something active to do and I also believe if children are active from day dot then they should remain so for the rest of their lives and keep fit and healthy.

So when the sun is shining we got the balance bike out which is a great way to burn off that excess energy!
Or we go for a walk with the dogs and to make it interesting we hunt for the Gruffalo feeding Macy's imagination.
On a rainy day we might visit somewhere like the Sealife centre, Macy loves the film Finding Nemo so we hunted for Nemo on our recent trip there.
If we fancy a lazy day indoors when the weather is awful, Macy likes nothing better than role play games, whether it is having a tea part with her toys or pretending to be Doctor Macy and putting a plaster on Tigger!

Petits Filous Magic Squares
Macy has been off yoghurt for a while so I was a little dubious about this test, she likes to do everything herself - little miss independent!  So I put the pot down on the table and gave her a spoon, to my surprise she actually wanted to try it - whether the pot or the two colours of the yoghurt made it look more inviting?  Anyway she loves them, they come in either strawberry or raspberry and vanilla.  

The yoghurts contain just under 20% of their daily calcium allowance and just under 25% of vitamin D.  However there is 9.9g of sugar per pot, now that seems a lot of sugar, I struggle though because there isn't any clear guidance as to how much sugar a toddler/child should have.  I worry about giving her too much sugar as I don't want her to develop an addiction to sugar and I think it is easily done.  There is 12.4g per 100g which does seem about average for a yoghurt but I think it sounds a lot as they are quite big pots - 80g.  American websites seem to suggest between 12-17g a day max for a toddler so that doesn't leave a lot left over after she has had one of these!  If anyone had a good website for UK nutritional guidance for toddlers please let me know as there just doesn't seem to be anything out there for children.

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