Friday, 10 July 2015

Smoby Tefal Super Chef Kitchen

One part of Macy's birthday present was a play kitchen.  We saw one in Early Learning Centre with a really good discount and it started us thinking and looking!  We decided we didn't want to spend any more than £100 as it seemed a waste to spend any more than that.  Our other criteria was that it needed to look realistic, a bit more classy and modern - a lot of them are really 'toy' looking if you see what I mean.  We didn't want anything like that.
 So we came across the Smoby Tefal Super Chef kitchen.  We would have liked a kitchen with a proper fridge freezer, storage drawers, oven, hob etc but for under £100 we couldn't find anything that did tick all the boxes.  This ticked a good majority though and really it was the look of the kitchen that made our mind up, it just looks fab and Tefal is a 'real adult' kitchen brand so it really does look the part.  We came across it on the Argos website who had it on offer at £90something reduced from £129.99.  However after a bit of googling we found it on the Smoby website at £79.99.  Although it promised next day delivery and we didn't get it till 3 days later which was a bit disappointing!
Anyway putting it together wasn't too difficult as it didn't require any tools, just simply clicked together.  So it's easy enough and didn't take too long, it comes with various cutlery bits and pieces as well as pans, toaster and food so that kept Macy busy while we put it together!
Items in the fridge shown here aren't included with the kitchen
  • Comes with play food, pans, toaster, cutlery so you don't have to buy extra like you do with most other kitchens
  • Hooks for storing utensils
  • Good amount of worktop space for 'food preparation'
  • Toaster
  • Coffee machine
  • Oven, hob and grill pan
  • Fridge
  • One hob ring makes noises
  • Fridge door doesn't close very well, as it is curved it sort of bends as it shuts and even then doesn't close well
  • Sink and tap is a bit flimsy and ends up getting knocked out of place a lot - could do with being clipped in, I don't want to glue it as it is good to be able to remove for cleaning purposes
All items shown are included with the kitchen
So all in all it is a fab kitchen, Macy loves it, I don't know whether it is good enough quality to justify spending £129.99 on it as it is a little flimsy, but certainly the £79.99 we paid for it makes it a good buy :)  See our video review below: