Monday, 15 August 2016

Our Bengals

I did a little photo shoot with the felines the other day and thought I would show them off.

Here is our beautiful blue eyed snow from Sumarum in Czech Republic, this is Spectrum (aka Spec).  She is almost a year old and genetically clear from PRA and PKD, she is from generations of heart tested cats and am keeping my fingers crossed her heart test will be clear too.  She has such beautiful deep blue eyes and loves to run around with her 'Da Bird' feather, she is the loon of the lot!

Here is Solace (Solly) from Spice's breeder, he is PRA and PKD genetically free.  We had intended to have another girl but when we saw the litter we were just so taken with Solly we couldn't resist him.  His markings are getting nice and dark, not massive rosettes but they are some small rosettes.  He has a lovely quality coat and his tail is wonderful and short and fat.

And here is my little Tweed! Tweed's great great grandad is an Asian Leopard Cat (Sarez Little L).  This might sound a little scary but she is the friendliest cat I have ever known and I have owned lots of cats over the years.  She is the purriest little thing and loves nothing more than a good cuddle.  We had gone out to buy a nice brown rosetted bengal but I saw her photo and fell for her wild looks with her big nocturnal eyes.  Her pattern isn't great and I hope to improve on this with a good boy.  She is such a superstar though, nothing bothers her, she walked into our house at 13 weeks old like she owned the place.

And finally our original, here is the beautiful Spice who is a spayed pet and will always hold a very special part in our hearts.