Monday, 21 November 2016

The Bengals!

I set up a little photo shoot with the cats over the weekend, it's been a while since I took any photos and they have grown such a lot!

Here's Shady the baby, he is such a laid back boy but also very playful and loves a game of fetch. 
Here's Solace, the man of the house, you can tell that from his first photo below!  He loves a good play, he isn't a lap cat but he does love a good back rub!
Tweed, she is the one who has a great grandad who is an asian leopard cat.  Tweed is the purriest out of all of them, she is very much attached to me and will sit on my lap all night long.  She is such a sweet, gentle little soul.
And Spec, Spec is such a funny cat, she really does make us laugh.  She isn't a lap cat either but she does love a nice gentle chin scratch, she loves her routine and her Da Bird toy.  She has a lovely kind temperament and I have never once heard her growl at the other cats.