Thursday, 29 December 2016

Lapland - Seeing the Real Finland

We visited Lapland before Christmas and many people have been surprised we went for a full week as it is 'so expensive isn't it?' Well yes it is if booked as a package and we did this 6 years ago but we got a last minute deal then so it was actually really cheap.

This time we wanted our own log cabin - it's so much more authentic and romantic than a hotel and also the hotel was all inclusive and we didn't think much to the food. We like to try the local food when we go on holiday.

So here is some more info on how we did it.

Accomodation in Akaslompolo which is a great central place to be:

Flights to Kittila:

We had a 6 person log cabin for about £600 for a full week, 7 days. Flights were £300 each. The airport was about half an hour drive away.

We stopped in Yllasjarvi by the Sport Resort as we ski but I would say Akaslompolo has more activites that run from there so if you stop there you are more central but Yllasjarvi is only a 15 min drive.

Regarding activities:

Huskies were €55 each:

Santa Village is free, you see santa for free but can't take photos and they want €40 for their photo:

Reindeer Sleigh at €18 each:
Do this at Santa Village

Santapark is €33 adults, €27 kids - this includes seeing santa where you can take photos. Make an elf, go to elf school (the elves are fab!), watch the elf show (my daughter loved this the most!), visit the ice bar, decorate gingerbread (a couple of euros extra) and go on a ride through santas workshop. It was all set in a cavern and really really magical.

Pony ride through the snowy forest is lovely and is €30 for half an hour:

Kids Snowmobiles are €20 for 10 laps at Santa Village and were slightly cheaper at the same place as pony ride.

If you want to try skiing then Yllas Y1 is great for beginners and they do taster sessions.
We hired a car and it really allows you to explore the real Lapland and it wasn't tricky driving as the cars all have winter tyres.

At the Sports Ski resort around the other side from Yllas Y1 is a purpose built sledging slope which the children love.

Eating out is quite expensive but if you are in a log cabin you could stop in and cook. We did all inclusive with Thompson and didn't think much of the food so preferred the flexibility.

Alcohol is very expensive and difficult to get hold of so take it with you!