Sunday, 26 August 2012

Segway Rally

Many thanks to Buyagift for this Segway Rally for Two Experience

Mark and I have ridden a Segway before when we were in Paris last year.  We had booked a group Segway Tour and it turned out only the two of us had booked it so we effectively had a private tour, it was brilliant and we flew round Paris in record time on those speedy little electric machines.
We had seen the off road Segways at Cannock Chase and fancied a go on them, so jumped at the opportunity thanks to BuyaGift :).  

There are 12 locations available across the UK so chances are there is somewhere fairly local to you.  Our local group was at West Midlands Water Park near Tamworth.  Booking was easily done and I ensured we had an evening visit so we could get there after work.

Upon booking in we were kitted out with knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet. There were 8 of us in a group and a couple of instructors, we were quickly introduced one by one to the Segway and the instructor made sure he was close by for those a little weary of the machine.

The Segway is controlled by distributing your weight, if you have ever played on a Wii Balance Board it is probably a similar sort of skill!!  To go faster you put your weight on your toes and to slow down/go backwards you distribute your weight into your heels.  Steering is carried out by simply turning the handle bars left and right.  They are quite easy to control once you get the hang of them and are great fun.

The instructors let us have a play about to get used to them on a big flat area, they then called us in for a couple of games.  We were split into two teams of four and started off by a simple sprint relay back and forth, it got a little bit more tricky as we then had a slalom race and finally we had to do the slalom race backwards!!  Great fun and a really good way to get us used to controlling the Segway.

We then moved on to maneuvering the Segway up a bit of a slope, a lot trickier than it looks, you had to keep the Segway steering up the slope and lean into it.  Gradually the slopes got steeper and steeper, trickier and trickier!  Our instructor then took us to the top of the hill and told us to go down it!  Then onto a bigger and steeper hill which we went down and I sort of might have fallen off just as I hit the bottom!  Oops.

All in all it was good fun, I was a little disappointed at how slow the Segways were as the ones in Paris were a lot quicker so I expected these to be faster for some reason.  I also thought we might go somewhere, ie round a forest tour or something similar but all we did was a couple of slopes in the same area.  I would recommend it to someone who hasn't tried Segway before.

Visit Buyagift for this Segway Rally for Two Experience