Friday, 10 August 2012


Well after having tried out the wakeboarding in Spain I decided I wanted to give snowboarding a go as I didn’t feel that strapping a plank of wood to your feet was actually that scary!!  Mark snowboards and he has tried to get me to give it a go for ages, I only learnt to ski three years ago and haven’t really done much of that.
A little while afterwards Tamworth snowdome emailed some voucher codes and I managed to book two 3 hour lessons (required to get you up to standard) for £29 each instead of the normal £86 – bargain!!
Lesson one I was very nervous and was in a group of 6, 3 children and two other adults.  The instructor was really good and basically kept hold of us until we were confident in going down the slope heelside and toeside.  Lessons take place from half way up the slope.  Unfortunately one lady hurt her wrist and had to leave the lesson.  The instructor started to teach those of us that were a bit more confident to turn so we attempted that a couple of times.  I came away thinking that the toe and heelside wasn’t too bad however the turns were DIFFICULT!!
Lesson two was about learning to turn and being able to run from the top of the slope without falling over a lot.  This time I did fall over a lot trying to turn, we were in a smaller group which was great (just 4 of us) and the slope really went quiet for the last hour so we got in a lot of practice.  Luke (our instructor) was very patient and would try and explain how to do it differently so something clicked.  For example, I was struggling going toeside to heelside, and on about my 4th attempt he said lift your toes and it clicked and I got it, before he had said weight on heels but I wasn’t doing it very well, as soon as he said lift your toes I could do it.  Ironically (typical me) he said I was struggling with the turn that most people find easy yet I had mastered the more difficult turn fairly easily!

After that there was no stopping me and we were allowed to go from the top, I had one really bad fall coming from the top which was very painful!!  However other than that I did really well and we’re going to book a recreational session again in a couple of weeks.
I loved it and am keen to go again, it looks so much cooler than skiing and the boards look cooler lol!  Though my ideal board size is 141 and there aren’t many about so I don’t know whether I will get one of my own.  I really could do with my own boots though as the newer boots I had for lesson one fit perfectly but the boots I had in lesson two were the older style and felt a bit big.  You need to be comfortable so I think I might pay a visit to decathlon when the winter stock is in.  Would like some nice white ones!!