Thursday, 19 September 2013

Abarth Make It You Race Final

What an amazing opportunity however I think it was just a bit too much too soon.

Macy and Mark were not able to come with me to Italy which is fair enough. We thought we would be able to fly them out and they could stop close by so that I could see them each evening, fair enough they weren't allowed at the track. I had said yes to taking part in the finals believing we could work it like this.

However our location was kept a secret until we arrived in Italy so it wasn't possible to fly them out as we didn't know where we were stopping. It wasn't until we reached the hotel which was quite a distance from the airport an was fully booked that I realised it would be virtually impossible to fly out to me as I couldn't see there were any other hotels nearby.

None of the English team had arrived and I found out I was sharing a room so I couldn't even have a proper conversation with my family on skype. I admit I completely broke down, after all Macy was only 2 months old and I hadn't left her for a full day let alone anything else. I had nobody to talk to at dinner as everyone was with their own teams speaking in their native tongue. I felt so alone and the thought of being away from my family any longer was breaking my heart.

You will see what happens when the programme is aired in November on DMax. 

Came away with some super comfy racing boots, I want to wear them 24/6, love them!!

Oh and I never even thought I would be driving a left hand drive car! Took me ages to get used to it, all I could think of was where was the gearstick and nothing else!!