Monday, 2 September 2013

Make It Your Race Day 2

I was hoping yesterday would be all about driving so I could show I can drive, it was, hooray!

We started off with the ball on the bonnet again, only the course was a lot longer so you were able to get more speed up, I found it a lot easier as the course was more spread out and you could see where you were going a bit better. I didn't feel I did too badly, probably about an average sort of time round the course.

Next activity was racing the single seated round the oval track, one word - AWESOME!!  That was until I broke the car and had to be towed back in lol! I lost power and the oil light came on - obviously I overworked her! Reaching speeds of around 130mph in what is just a bigger, more powerful go kart effectively was amazing! Again I didn't feel I did too badly but didn't think I maintained my distance from the pace car overly well.

After lunch we were interviewed in front of the camera as the MIYR Competition is all being televised in a reality style show, so you have to look good in front of the camera. I am quite confident in front of the camera, it's only plastic & glass - what makes that so scary??

Skid pan was next which was great fun and a really useful activity to take part in as you never know when you may have a skid - on the road or on the racetrack. Again I did okay, not brilliantly and not awfully.

Finally we had a bit more track driving in the Abarth which was great, I had a different instructor from yesterday and have therefore learnt a lot about track driving with two different perspectives. Am looking forward to applying what I have learnt next time I am on the track.

We are all waiting to hear who will be the final 4 to go through to the final in Italy. I think I was pretty average with my driving so we shall see, would be amazing to go, but if I don't then I have learnt a lot and had a fantastic weekend!!