Saturday, 31 August 2013

Abarth Make It Your Race Semi-Final

was invited as one of 50 Semi-Finalists to attend the Semi-Final for Make It Your Race (I posted my entry on a previous blog post). This involves two days of activities at Rockingham Motor Speedway, only you have to qualify as one of the top 24 to go through to the second day.

Well today was day one. Mark came with me and brought Macy so we booked a hotel for last night and tonight knowing it would have been too early a start this morning to get Macy ready and at the track in time. With a late finish today I didn't fancy the idea of a long drive home and thought we could spend tomorrow looking round Rockingham Castle.

The day started with a reaction test, seeing how many lit buttons you could press in 3 minutes. Sounds easier than it is when you short as the lights are quite high and far apart!

Next activity was taking an Abarth out onto the track - yes great fun, brilliant to have some instruction as well, I really learnt a lot.  A nice buffet lunch followed.

The afternoon started with a computer simulator, never been any good at these as am not a great computer game fan! I didn't put in a great time but it wasn't the worst in my group.

Wheel change was next, I have only changed a wheel with help from mark, never on my own so this I was most worried about. I struggled at first as the wheels are heavy!! And the airgun sent vibrations right through my carpal tunnel (suffering this evening now!) However I did okay I thought.

Finally we took a car round a slalom balancing a ball on the bonnet and had to make sure it didn't fall off. I took it steady to make sure I didn't lose that ball!!

The results came in and to my surprise I have got through to tomorrow! I didn't feel I did too badly but didn't think I would be in the top 24 so am really thrilled!

Our cheeky monster!

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