Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mamas & Papas Starlight Swing Review

We picked this swing up last night, two things sold it to me. One being that it is cream - I am not keen on all these bright colours for big things like swings, I just think they look a bit gaudy. The other being I like the pretty LEDs.

So the swing has different speed settings depending on the weight of your baby, they reckon it will last till they are about 6 months or earlier if the baby is able to turn and get out etc. It's a good feature as you can start it off nice and slow for them to get used to it.

There is an option to play them lullabies and there are four different lullabies you can play and are also able to turn the sound up and down. Another feature I love is that you can plug your mp3 player into it so you don't have to have one of the built in lullabies, great stuff! Macy has been listening to Pink's Glitter in the Air :)

The swing can be put on a timer for 6, 10 or 15 minutes and the back rest has different height settings so they can be sitting bolt upright or a bit more reclined.

My favourite feature is the canopy with the built in LEDs. Macy loves to watch the lights, you can set them on random chase or they light up in rows of lights. You can vary the speed of the lights so they can be flashing really quickly or have them on a slower setting.

We love this swing! However the only thing I would say is it could do with a newborn head support, it does have a good harness which can be adjusted but I just felt we needed to support her head a bit better. I used a head support from her bouncer in it.