Friday, 2 August 2013

Acid Reflux

Poor little Macy is 4 weeks old tomorrow and we have just come back from the doctors who diagnosed reflux. We have some infant gaviscon to try, 1/2 a sachet in each of her bottles. 

Poor thing has really been suffering, it's getting to the stage where she doesn't want much milk as it is hurting her so much :( She is so uncomfy after a feed.

We are trying everything to help her - feeding her upright, propping her head up when in bed, we're going to get a swing which has been recommended.  We tried cutting out lactose which only made her worse! Can't yet feed her the thicker milk as it wont come out of the slow flow teat and she finds medium/vari flow too fast! She is also having a cranial osteopathy session tomorrow.

Any other tips would be gratefully received!

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