Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Water Babies Swimming

I was keen to get Macy confident in water as soon as possible. I grew up a fairly confident swimmer having started swimming lessons when I was about 7 but have never been keen on swimming under water. I always felt sorry for mum who couldn't join me as never learnt to swim (has now had lessons as an adult). I think the later you start the less confident you are. I also want her to be confident if she were to ever fall in etc.

So I discovered Water Babies where babies can learn to swim from birth. We had our first lesson Monday at 3 weeks old and second lesson today. We're on the beginner summer school which is a more condensed course of 8 lessons (opposed to 10) twice a week.

Macy wasn't keen on her first lesson and started off crying most of the time but towards the end she actually had fallen asleep! Today she was used to it and we didn't have any crying, she really enjoyed it! So far we have swum them under water a little and been taught how to hold our babies in the water and put them into a swimming position to teach them to swim.

I would recommend the course as it is great fun and is going to really teach them important skills.

As Macy is so young she has I wear a wet suit but normally it would just be a disposable swim nappy with a happy nappy over the top. The course is quite expensive but I think it really is important.

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