Monday, 22 July 2013

It's a Bibble Review

I came across these bibs I think via a recommendation on a foum somewhere.  I wanted something that looked good and soaked up milk dribble for my newborn and these seemed to meet that criteria.
I ordered 10 for £20 as I just couldn't make up my mind on designs - they were all so pretty!  They arrived just a couple of days later - fantastic service.  My daughter had arrived hours before the bibs arrived so the timing was spot on.

They are fabulous bibs and I use them every time I feed, the material sort of ruckles up under her chin so it catches any dribbles and she doesn't spill milk under her chin.  No matter how soaked the top layer gets, the bottom fleece doesn't get wet and ruin her clothes.  They look pretty cool, I love the bandana style and they come in sooooo many colours there will be something to suit everyone - you won't be able to decide which to have!!  Finally they don't swamp a newborn and have two adjustable poppers for growth.

Visit them at their website or on facebook.

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