Friday, 19 July 2013

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Review

We decided to buy the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine as we were given lots of conflicting opinions on how to make bottles up so we thought if we do every bottle fresh we can’t go wrong!  So we put our hands in our pockets and forked out a best part of £100 to buy this gadget!!

I have to say we wouldn’t be without it and friends who have had babies have said they wished this had been about when they had a newborn.  I was a little annoyed when it arrived as it is not able to make 3oz feeds which is what they recommend for a newborn, we had to make up 4oz feeds so we ended up wasting a fair bit.  This information isn’t detailed anywhere so I emailed Tommee Tippee to complain and they did say they agree it should be detailed in the product information, the reason the machine can’t make 3oz feeds is to do with the hot shot of water and the water then required to cool it – the measurements for this can’t be made smaller than 4oz.

So basically this machine has a reservoir to hold your water, in which is a filter which will need changing every 3 months (the machine will let you know when it needs changing).  There is a dial where you choose the size of the feed from 4oz upwards.  You take a bottle and add the formula, then place the bottle under the water dispenser, press the button and it dispenses a boiling hot shot of water which is designed to kill any bacteria in the formula.  You then give this a swirl in the bottle to make sure the formula is dissolved and put the bottle back under the dispenser for the machine to deliver the remaining water which makes up the correct feed and ensures the milk is then at room temperature.  All of this takes about 2 minutes, so when you get up in the middle of the night you can make a feed freshly and quickly every time! 
Some reviews say it is bulky and takes up a lot of room but personally I felt it was quite compact and doesn't really take up that much room, it is quite slim.
I wouldn’t be without it, here are the pros and cons:

·         The audible signal to confirm water has been dispensed is quite loud – we live in a bungalow and the bedroom is only across the hall from the kitchen so it tends to wake up the person who has stopped in bed!  Some people will put the machine in their bedroom or the nursery (save going to the kitchen) so I think this is something everyone will find a little annoying.
·         The smallest feed you can make up is 4oz – very wasteful when you have a newborn.
·         Struggles in hotter climates – the machine flashes indicating water is too hot and will not let you make a feed up, we just added a couple of ice cubes into the reservoir.

·         Makes up every feed fresh.
·         Feed is made up in a couple of minutes.
·         Feed is always exactly the right temperature.

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