Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Maternal 'Type'

I never considered myself as 'the maternal type' - whatever that may be. I have never gone gooey with babies, never rushed to want to 'have a munch.' I never grew up wanting to play with dolls and pretend they were babies - I could normally be found climbing a tree! I never had any experience with babies as we didn't have a big close family.

Considering all of this I was a little worried about embarking into motherhood, it was always after birth that worried me and never the actual birth. After all this is the biggest part - having a life in your hands to look after and love. Would I love a baby?

So along came Macy and the love I feel for her is just amazing and how natural it feels to care for her. I instinctively know what she wants and how to do it, I have never fed a baby and I know when she wants feeding and how to do it - I am bottle feeding. 

I can't stop looking at her and feeling so in love. Here she is just 3 days old.

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