Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner - Bathroom & Toilet

I reviewed this product for Mumsnet:

- How easy or difficult did you find the Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner to use?

I found it really easy to use, you just unscrew the top a little and it opens up the dispenser. You then use a sponge, paper towel or whatever you want and place it on top, pushing down to dispense a shot of cleaning solution. I did find that when I didn’t cover it up fully it squirted across the room, but soon learnt from my mistake!

- How effective did you find Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner?

Very effective.  I used it on ceramic sink and toilet - it cleaned up grime and limescale really well. I used it on the mirror and glass shelves where it left them streak free without having to polish off.  I tried it on some dirty grout however it wasn’t effective on that.

- Did you find that you used Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner more regularly than your other cleaning products or not? If so, how often did you use Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner?

Yes as I can use it on the mirror and glass as well, meaning I don’t have to have two products out. Also it doesn’t have a strong smell to it so it doesn’t leave my hands smelling like bathroom cleaner! I feel like I am not wasting anything as it dispenses just the right amount of solution.

- The RRP for the Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner is £2.99, do you think you'll be likely to buy it again or not? If so, why? If not why not?

Yes I would like to try the kitchen cleaner as I tend to have more areas where I would need a touch up cleaner – more spillages etc in the kitchen. I would like to see the product refillable as it seems a shame to have to throw away the dispenser.

- Mr Muscle Touch-Up cleaner is currently available for the kitchen and bathroom. Would you like Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner for other areas of your house? If so, which areas?

A carpet cleaner version would be great.

- What did you like most about Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner?

The design looks good, no strong smell & you don’t feel like you are wasting any solution.

- If it came up in conversation, would you recommend Mr Muscle Touch-Up Cleaner to your friends/family? If so why? If not, why not?


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