Monday, 28 April 2014

My Little White Dog

My little Cas is aprox 14 years old, we rescued her from Border Collie Trust when she was 6 months old. She was in such a poor way and so frightened of everything. That soon changed, we taught her how to enjoy life, she loved and excelled in agility, canine freestyle and flyball.

Last Tuesday I went to bring her in from her morning wee to find she couldn't move, I carried her in and sat with her all day, I thought it was the end. She perked up a little and so we came from the vets with metacam & antibiotics. Wednesday evening she had her first dose of metacam, a couple of hours later she was so unhappy, breathing heavily and quickly I didn't think she would make it through the night. She did, so I booked in for blood tests that day. Results were her liver wasn't performing well, an ultrasound showed that there wasn't the dreaded C word present. So a different painkiller prescribed and advised it looked like her liver may be failing and it may only be a matter of time but to see how she goes.

That was Thursday, having researched the internet it seems the liver can repair itself to SOME degree. So off I went to the shops and came back with milk thistle, broccoli (rich in vitamin e), sweet potato, porridge, courgette - all things that should help to not work the liver too hard. A special raw diet is on order and arriving tomorrow. So far so good and she is doing fantastically well at the moment, however painkillers stop on Friday so we have to see whether she is okay without. She still won't eat things that she used to love but she's eating well and putting weight back on.

These photos were taken today, she looks so healthy! Fingers & toes crossed we can slow things down, even better to reverse it?

I created this video a few years ago:

The Story of a Rescue Dog from Gina on Vimeo.