Thursday, 1 May 2014

Morrisons Mum - The Shop!

Thanks to Britmums & Morrisons we received some vouchers to spend this Bank Holiday weekend. We intend to have a family BBQ - hope the weather is kind!!

We made our way on a drab, grey, drizzly day to our second closest Morrisons as our closest one doesn't have fuel and I needed to top up (knowing Morrisons are offering 6p off a £40 spend). It's the Kingswinford branch and its probably about 7 miles away.

As I had my daughter with me we nabbed the closest (and last) available parent & child space. I wouldn't mind if these weren't right by the doors as for me its having the width so that I can open the door fully and get Macy out of her car seat comfortably. Never really understood why they have to be so close. 

There were loads of different types of trolley available and all parked undercover so Macy didn't end up with a wet bum! 

The store was bright and colourful and I do like the idea of having market street for all the fruit and veg, it was laid out nicely.

Service in store was fantastic, I asked if they had any wooden skewers to which the manager said no but he could get me some from the meat counter with no charge - excellent! I walked up to a completely empty checkout of which there were several & the helpful checkout assistant packed my shopping for me as she scanned.

I usually shop online with Tesco and did find that Morrisons are probably about on a par price wise. The only downside being that they don't brand match like Tesco and also I usually get lots of vouchers each month with Tesco's clubcard - as far as I am aware Morrisons don't offer a reward card? If they do its not very well advertised.

Everything was sensibly laid out and easy to find. The only things I didn't manage to buy were the wooden skewers and non alcoholic wine. I picked up a honeysuckle plant but when I looked at it, it was half dead which was a bit disappointing so I put it back.

Now the cooking and tasting begins!!