Saturday, 24 May 2014

CIF Express Direct to Floor Antibacterial Review

I wanted to take part in this test via Mumsnet as we have dogs, a cat and a small person who likes nothing better than throwing her food on the floor. CIF Express Direct to Floor Antibacterial cleaner appealed to me as I hate mops, the floor takes ages to dry. I had a Vileda a spray 'mop' which was brilliant but after a month the spray stopped working. So I wanted to find something I can use to clean the floor which is quick and easy.

I used this on the floors in the kitchen and the utility, both of which are tiled floors. I liked that you could just squirt it straight onto the floor and could use it without putting it into a mop bucket.  The product didn't have any fragrance which was a shame as I like things to smell nice when they are clean. It was fantastic not having to rinse afterwards, so quick and easy! 

I tend to use my Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop which I loved but it stopped spraying after only a couple of months so I have just been using floor wipes. This is a lot quicker than floor wipes and although it is probably as quick as the Vileda mop, it is a bit less messy and doesn't take as long to dry. It was perhaps not quite as effective as using disinfectant in the Vileda mop as the Cif is obviously not as wet unless you used a lot or diluted it which defeats the object.  However it therefore doesn't take as long to dry. It is designed more for your in between cleans as I don't think it would do a really thorough clean. I used a tesco sponge mop but I think I would look at something which has a washable mop head as the sponge never seems to get completely clean.

£2 for the 750ml bottle is a good price as it did go a long way, the nozzle doesn't let loads of product out so I probably would buy it if there is a fragranced version. I would recommend Cif Express Direct to Floor Cleaner to my friends/family if there is a fragranced option.

Rum walked on the floor virtually as soon as I had finished and didnt leave any pawmarks which he normally does when I have used the Vileda :)
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