Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Grand Designs NEC & George Clarke!

Some of you may know we are knocking down our very damp, very small bungalow in the new year and rebuilding a larger dormer bungalow – hoorah!!  We visited the Grand Designs show last year but we were quite a way off the project and really only looked as windows etc, we got more out of the renovation and build show in the spring following as Grand Designs doesn’t have a lot of build information, more the finishing off.
We visited the show on the Friday so we could have a good look round the show concentrating on kitchens and bathroom really.  We had the VIP experience and had access to the Miele Lounge all day which was fab!  It was so nice to go and have a sit down away from the hustle and bustle of the show.  Breakfast consisted of croissant and pastries with a range of coffees and juice as well as prosecco.  We made sure we were back for some soup at lunch time (although a VERY small portion, more like a shot) and back again later for afternoon tea – beautiful warm fluffy scones with jam and butter as well as some cake.  We got lots of ideas for the kitchen and spoke to one company in particular – Princess Kitchens in Sutton Coldfield who gave us some great ideas and we have since been in to see them.  We also got some great ideas for home automation after we watched one of the theatres.  There are several theatres at the show covering various different topics from cooking to building your home.
Our biggest highlight was attending on Saturday for our on stage consultation with GEORGE CLARKE!!  I entered a competition via Grand Designs to win one of the slots available and we were lucky enough to be selected.  Saturday was packed, I am so glad we had attended on Friday as we could hardly move Saturday.  They were running sessions where self builders took their plans up on stage and discussed them with a celeb architect – Friday was Charlie ???? and Saturday George Clarke.  There was a couple who went up before us and then it was our time.  George was lovely and stopped to have his photo taken with everybody asked.  He gave us some great ideas and really got enthusiastic about our plans so we are really excited to get started.  He even signed our plans so we are going to get those framed and put up when we have finished! :)

It’s a great show, even if you aren’t really doing anything and are just thinking about wallpapering a new room.  There are some great ideas, new tech and also rooms for the garden and garden furniture etc.  It is so easy to get to by train – 5 minute undercover walk from Birmingham International.

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