Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Harvester – Telford, Southwater

We decided to go for breakfast, it is £4.99 each and is unlimited continental and cooked breakfast – we thought we couldn’t beat that really!  Breakfast ended at 11.30 so we got there at 10:15.  It looked like the mad rush was over as there were quite a lot of empty tables that needed clearing, it took about 15 minutes for us to be seated, not a good start as they could see we were trying to hold Macy who is getting heavy and bored by this time.  There was no reason we couldn’t be seated, one waitress didn’t look like she was doing much and the other was filling up some juice – it would have taken 2 minutes to seat us and go back to what they were doing – customers should come first!

We were eventually seated and ordered our cooked breakfasts – the toaster had broken so we had to order toast, they ran out of black pudding, crumpets and tomatoes.  We ordered unlimited coffee for  £2.25 per person.  However after one cup, the machine wasn’t filled up, eventually it was and we got a second cup, it ran out again and wasn’t filled up.  Juices ran out so all that was left was cranberry.  There weren’t any spoons for the cereals nor teaspoons for stirring coffee.  Our cooked breakfast arrived an hour later, Mark’s poached eggs were really overcooked and mine were undercooked – whites were still runny.  Half our toast arrived – this is an hour after we were seated!!  I have not had such poor service in a long time and we will not be going back to a Harvester again any time soon!!

I have also fed this back via their website and also Facebook - they have not even bothered to respond.