Saturday, 22 November 2014


Never heard of it?  Where have you been?!?!?  Choccywoccydoohdah has been one of my favourite programmes on Sky (Watch) ever since it started and I have gone on for years about how much I wanted to go to Brighton to visit.  My husband made my wish come true and not only a visit, a cake too!!!!!!
Window Display
So Choccy is a company that makes THE most amazing cakes, all decorated with special modelling chocolate, no fondant in sight.  Their most recent series has seen them making cakes for all sorts of celebs, they originally had a small shop in Brighton, then opened a cafe, then a shop in London and have just reopened a bigger shop in Brighton which encompasses both the cafe and shop.
We visited for some cake in the cafe, I chose the chocolate with white chocolate buttercream which was drizzled with melted chocolate.  I had a hot chocolate which was literally melted chocolate and hot milk - divine!  I was sooooo full it was untrue, Mark had a dipping platter which was gorgeous too but we could have easily shared either.  

The next day was my birthday and Mark said I had a VIP tour of Choccy booked so we had our breakfast and were straight there.  We were allowed in all of the roped off areas and sat in the famous Tiger chair.
We got into the room where Christine sits with her clients to discuss their requirements and the lady who showed us round told me to look at the cakes in the shed too.  As I opened the door, my eye was immediately drawn to this lovely cake right in front of me with Happy 30th Gina written across it. I couldn't believe my eyes, a Choccy cake all for me, my very own, MINE!!
Mark had chosen the chocolate cake (good job I had liked it the day before!) with chocolate praline filling which has turned out to be amazing!!  The cake is quite heavy as it has to hold all the chocolate mouldings, but it is still beautiful and moist and lovely in the microwave for half a minute.

Some of the other cakes on display.  If you need a cake for a special occasion, Choccy are the people to make one!!