Thursday, 27 November 2014

Whiskas Kitten Food

Pedigree kindly sent us some kitten food as well as the Dentaflex for little Spice.  They also sent us a lovely ceramic bowl in the shape of a cats head, it's a really cute little dish.

Spice is a fairly fussy cat when it comes to food, Clee will eat anything, but Spice is fussy!  She loves the Whiskas kitten food though and enjoys all the different flavours.

It is nice because it is little chunks of meat in a jelly rather than just blended mush!  You put it in the dish and it looks and smells okay unlike most cat foods.

I must admit I like to feed dry as I think it's better for her teeth and she has been having the Whiskas dry food.  However I will give her a bit of this wet food from time to time to give her a bit of variety.

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