Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bengal Kittens?

So I took some photos of Spice our bengal cat today. She has been away for almost 2 weeks with a stud cat.  I am so pleased to have her back, can't believe how much we have all missed her and how quiet the house has been without her!
I can't believe how much it bothered me - sending to stud. I just felt so guilty for abandoning her somewhere she didn't know with a random cat. The two weeks she was gone I felt like I had a huge weight on my shoulders and as soon as she was back it lifted.  So basically we are looking for a nice active male we can use for ourselves and not have to send her away.  I am just hoping she has caught as I don't think I can cope with another 2 weeks without her!
Sad I know but she is a massive part of the family and always under your feet getting into mischief - am totally besotted with the breed and will never be without one!

I have set up my Facebook page and website, prefix is TICA reg. Spice is dual reg and so is dad so kittens will be gccf & TICA registered.

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