Saturday, 19 March 2016

Little Dish Go Gos

What Little Dish have to say about their New Go Gos:
Little Dish Go Gos are yummy mini oat biscuits made with wholegrain oats, flax and chia seeds and protein, created in partnership with our nutritionist. These natural and nutritious ingredients all help to deliver slow release energy and nourishment to your little one. Each little bag of Go Gos provides a source of fibre and 3g of protein, which is important for the growth of healthy muscles and bones. And they’re made from a wheat and dairy-free recipe*.  That’s what we call Good Energy.
*Go Gos have been made in a kitchen that uses wheat and milk for other recipes, so there is always a chance they may contain traces of wheat or milk.

Macy isn't a fan of anything overly sweet, I think it's what she is used to.  She has been brought up on fruit, veg and healthier snacks, I used to make her cheese biscuits when she was younger.  It is difficult to find a healthy snack, we obviously use fruit as snacks but it's nice to have something else as well.  So when I saw the opportunity to test these I thought it suited us well!
The box was well presented and I love the fun branding.  Our first opportunity was to take a pack for a snack after swimming, we used the Go Gos drawstring bag to take Macy's towel and costume too!  Macy is always hungry after swimming and we usually take a piece of fruit with us, but she tends to have a lot of fruit during the day anyway.  We tried the Vanilla Go Gos and they went down a treat with lots of nom noms!
Macy also loved the ginger, I was surprised she liked the ginger but it was a nice delicate flavour rather than being over powering, you can really taste the oats and just a hint of flavour. She didn't like the raspberry flavour, said they were a bit sweet - I didn't think they were overly so but because they contain real pieces of raspberry the flavour was a bit stronger than the delicate vanilla and ginger ones.  What Macy really loves in life at the moment is a sticker! What did we find on these little packets - a sticker - great idea to reseal the packs for little ones who can't manage them all and when you have finished they can stick it on their top, really cute stickers.

Little Dish don't shy aware from the 'no added sugar' they are honest and tell you that they have added molasses and honey, however when you compare the amount of sugar to a leading well known brand, they still have less sugar.  Guidelines are maximum daily free sugar intake of 19g or 5 teaspoons for 4-6 year olds.  For 2-3 year olds, no more than 14g or 3.5 teaspoons per day*. *based on population average energy requirements (SACN 2011 DRVs for Energy, EAR population averages).  A pack of Go Gos contains 4g of sugar.

Typical Values 100g Vanilla Go Gos Heinz Banana Biscotti
Energy 462kcal 422kcal
Fat 15.5g 9.5g
- Of which saturates 2.0g 4.1g
Carbohydrates 65.4g 71.7g
- Of which sugars 16.0g 22.0g
Fibre 6.0g 5.0g
Protein 12.1g 10.0g
Salt 0.3g 0.50g

I really like these snacks, the bags are a decent 25g size, they are a healthier alternative to other snacks on the market and the best of all Macy loves them!  We will always take fruit out with us but these are something I can keep in the cupboard or in the car for when we run out or when she has already had enough fruit during the day which she quite often has had.

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