Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Wonderland Telford at Easter

We decided to go to Wonderland Telford for their Easter event and chose to go on Easter Sunday.  It has been years since I went when I was a child, at least 20 years if not more so I had completely forgotten what was there.  We walked round and saw all the little houses from the nursery rhymes which Macy loved.  There were things like Snow White's cottage, three little pigs, humpty dumpty, crooked house etc etc.  They weren't overly interactive in that you just peered into them, although you could go into the Hansel and Gretel house.  There was the White Rabbit's maze from Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit was there to welcome you.  

In terms of rides there were some fair rides aimed more at young children - under 10s.  The 'Easter Egg Hunt' took place around the Christmas Village and actually didn't involve any Easter Eggs as they say this is because of allergies children may have, I did however then find it a little odd that one of the presents was a little packet of sweets.  So the children went from house to house collecting little presents from the characters such as Snow White, Goldilocks etc  I think Macy ended up with a pencil, notepad, sweets, paper plane and bubbles. 

Macy is almost 4 and she really enjoyed it, I think if she had been a bit older she may have found it a little boring as the rides were very tame.  I think it would be nice at Christmas time as there is a whole village which is Christmas themed.  The park is looking a bit tired and could do with a bit of an update.  I am not sure I would have wanted to pay full price for the tickets, if you can pre book and get their discount it is a nice family (half a day) out.  If the weather is nice you can go to Telford Town Park as well which is great for all ages.