Wednesday, 20 June 2018


We have been using Tepilo to sell our property and we marketed it with them from October last year.  At the time we did have Purplebricks round to value as well but to be quite honest I wasn't keen on the representative from Purplebricks, he was a bit like you imagine an estate agent to be and was a bit pushy, had brought comparable houses he printed off which weren't really comparable.  So we went with Tepilo.

Earlier this year Mumsnet asked for people to review Purplebricks, we hadn't been having a lot of interest through Tepilo so I jumped at the chance to join as we had the basic package without a cost in order to review.

We had our valuation appointment early May and it was someone different this time, Alan, he was lovely and not pushy at all, he had done his research and was sensible with the price and comparable properties.  He really seemed like he wanted to help and to sell the property for us.

Alan wrote the description and took some photos from different angles so they looked different from Tepilo's photos.  We had a link to the draft property on the website and approved it so Alan sent it live.  Tepilo work a bit differently as you have to write the description yourself which isn't as bad as you think but I do think that the description Alan has written for Purplebricks reads better as he is doing that day in day out.

As soon as the property went on the market with them we had a couple of viewings, these were really easy to manage through their app, whereas with Tepilo you have to login to their site as they don't have an app.  Once they have viewed you confirm it on the app and they then get asked for feedback from Purplebricks, really easy process.

We rarely hear from Tepilo and when we do they can't really give us any ideas as to how to get more viewings etc.  However with Purplebricks, Alan is really good at coming up with different ideas such as offering to take part exchanges, swapping the photos round etc.  He is very good at chasing up feedback from viewings etc.

So if you are considering an online agent and are choosing between Tepilo and Purplebricks, I would go for Purplebricks.  Their app makes life a lot easier and you do get a lot more support from them too.

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