Monday, 14 October 2013

Dairy Milk Pebbles

We were asked via Mumsnet to test these out and to decorate a cake with them.

Well I made a millionaires shortcake tart and had planned to decorate with a pumpkin face, however I ran out of yellow pebbles to fill in the gaps and this was the result lol!

I wasn't overly impressed with them as they were only yellow, purple and brown. As I generally make chocolate things the brown ones aren't really of any use as they don't show up!

In terms of how they tasted, well they are the same concept as Minstrels but Minstrels are much nicer! Quite a few were chipped as well so didn't look great.

Overall if I wanted something like this to eat I would much rather have Minstrels and if I wanted something for cake decorating I would buy Smarties. Not something I will be buying.