Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hovercrafting at Hoverdays

I bought an hours experience a while ago and finally got round to booking it. I have always wanted to have a go on a hovercraft as I thought they looked great fun!

We were at Hoverdays in Shropshire and had booked the hour's experience which normally costs £79 per person if there are 1-3 people, but if you have a group of 4 or more it goes down to £40 pp.  We had 4 laps each which doesnt sound like much but actually it was plenty.

I hadn't realised that you actual knelt on them - I assumed you just sat down and turned the handlebar to steer.  That isn't the case, it's all about your bodyweight and you really have to lean into the corners to turn them, as I am not that heavy, I really had to throw my body about!!

We had 2 laps and swapped over and then had our other 2 laps, this was plenty as unless you were pretty fit it killed your legs!!  They were great fun, not easy to steer - I ended up in the long grass on quite a few occassions!!  However if you couldn't control it, you would just run into the long grass which brought the craft to a halt, you then just jumped out and could easily bring the craft back onto the course. 

I would recommend it to anyone (as long as you don't have weak knees), it's great fun and I should imagine once you have the hang of it they are even better fun!  Here's a short clip of Mark, we took Macy with us so didn't get anymore as she had a bit of a whinge at this point!!

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