Monday, 21 October 2013

Nipper Clipper & Timmy Tickle

We were asked by Mumsnet to review the above nail clipper developed by inventor Tom Pellereau.

The idea is that you download the Timmy Tickle app to distract your baby whilst cutting their nails with the Stylfile Nipper Clipper.

I found the actual nail clipper a bit big and bulky, I have a baby nail clipper which is a lot easier to use. The Nipper Clipper has a spy hole which is designed to make it safer. However I couldn't actually see anything through the spy hole, as the clippers are so bulky & I regularly clip my babies nails so they aren't stupidly long, they got lost under the bulk of the nail clipper. I also thought looking at the design they wouldn't be able to catch her skin but I still did - someone needs to invent clippers where you aren't able to catch their skin.

The app is a great distraction, I downloaded it on my iPhone and iPad and found the iPad better as it is bigger and I can stand it up in it's case.  There are different settings where you can have it on auto or you can have it so it responds to gurgles or even so that it responds to words. 

The app is an octopus who changes into a pirate, vampire, strawberry and more. There are gurgles and music to accompany it. My 14 week old found it interesting enough for me to be able to do one hand at a time, normally I wait till she is asleep! I do worry however about the amount of time she spends in front of the tv or iPad, so she doesn't normally watch the iPad ever. There is a warning under how to use about not letting them watch it for more than 20 minutes, I do think this warning should be more obvious and be shown at the start of the app.

All in all I probably won't use the nail clippers until she is a big bigger, however I will probably use the app as it's only going to be once a week she watches it and it isn't for long. The app is free.

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