Friday, 10 January 2014

Baby Snacks!

I am in the process of weaning Macy, as a result of her reflux she has really gone of milk - it causes her so much pain! I received a voucher for a free pack of Heinz Apple Biscotti and took them out with us as a snack. They were brilliant as she is not yet eating anything hard, so snacks can be difficult, there's only so much banana and yoghurt she can eat! These melted in her mouth and were good fingers of biscuit so she could hold them herself.

However I got home and googled them and was horrified to find how packed with sugar they are, I thought they were supposed to be healthy snacks, but actually there's less sugar in digestive biscuits! I have compared the amounts per 100g for Low sugar Heinz Rusks vs Heinz Apple Biscotti vs McVities Digestive.

Energy 1771 / 1783 / 1975kj
Energy 419 / 423 / 471kCal
Protein 6.6 / 10 / 7.1g
Carbohydrate 78.0 / 71.4 / 62.8g
- of which sugars 20.3 / 20 / 16.6g
Fat 9.0 / 9.7 / 21.3g
- of which saturates 4.0 / 4.5 / 2g
Fibre 2.1 / 5 / 3.6g
Sodium 0.01 / 0.2 / 0.5g
Iron 7.0 / 6 / mg
Calcium 390 / 317 mg
Vitamin A 450 / 380ug
Vitamin D 10ug
Thiamin 0.53 / 0.5mg
Riboflavin 0.82 / 0.5mg
Niacin 8.8 / 9mg
Vitamin B6 ? / 0.7mg
Folic Acid  ? / 100ug
Vitamin B12 ? / 0.7ug

To be honest I am really confused about how much sugar she should be having, I can't seem to find anywhere that tells me what the maximum amount is. Plenty of websites giving you an idea for adults but nothing for babies!! Lots of websites say to avoid anything with added sugar, which I didn't think these had (sugar from fruit?) and still seem very high!

Her favourite lunch is Heinz Cheesy Pasta and that has 11.5g per 100g. One article I did find in The Mirror stated no more than 2g per 100g! So even her meals are well over that!

I am really confused by it all and although I am doing my own cooking I just don't know how much of her daily intake of vitamins etc she is getting. At least with the boxed cereals I can ensure she is getting her RDA of all the vitamins, why do we have guidelines on vitamins and not sugar! It's no wonder there is a problem with obesity in this country!

If anyone has found any guidelines for sugar intake please let me know.