Monday, 13 January 2014

Water Babies Photo Shoot

We took Macy in November as had seen some underwater photos and thought they were gorgeous so I couldn't resist some of my little girl.

The shoot was actually in the same pool she usually swims at so it was familiar to her. We had a time slot and there were several parents and babies in the group, it ran like a normal class and you were called one at a time to have the shoot. 

Macy was passed to an instructor who dunked her underwater and the photographer took several shots, you then collected your baby and rejoined the class. This happened three times and on the third 'dunking' you had the option to put a funny hat on, this time it was Christmas themed so we used a Santa hat.

After Macy was dressed we could sit and have some refreshments while we waited for the photo viewing, which was only 5 minutes or so.

The photo shoot fee was around £35 which was refunded if you had 3 or more digital images. You could buy all sorts of products such as canvasses etc. we decided just to buy the digital images so we could use them how we wanted. Out of around 9 images (aprox 3 in each 'dunking'), there was only one that was a good one without dressing up and one with the hat on. One of the images had the instructors arm in it so they said they would photoshop it and we would never know, there was an extra charge for this. Anyway in total for the three images it was around £260!!

I have to say I did feel that was a little excessive but once you see the images you have to have them!


Edited - I feel they went a bitt OTT with lighting though