Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Crufts - The World's Largest Dog Show

My favourite event, I love Crufts, always have done, always will! I remember as a child watching it on tv every year and always wanting to go. As soon as my mum gave in and let me have a dog at the age of 15 I started to copy the agility and make jumps in the garden out of flower pots and canes! Anyway to cut a long story short a few years later we were actually competing at Crufts and every single one of my dogs (I have four) has since competed.  My dogs are now too old to compete or illness doesn't allow them to.

I still love Crufts, the atmosphere is like nowhere else, full of excitement and hope that a ribbon will be accompanying them on the way home or even a trophy. I am not 'into' showing dogs, it's not really my thing. I prefer something a bit more exciting, my background is canine freestyle, agility and flyball. 

Someone who has never been before does have the expectation that it is just dogs walking round a breed ring but it's far from it. Yes breed showing is the main reason Crufts exists and yes it all culminates in Best In Show but the other dog activities also now take a lot of ring time up. They used to just be there as a little bit of entertainment but now it's serious stuff and people compete across the country and even across Europe to qualify so we have THE best dogs at Crufts.

Crufts spans several halls of the NEC and it's so easy to get to by train or car. We usually go by train as the station is Birmingham International and the station is virtually in the NEC! Car parks have shuttle buses to and from the halls.

There are several rings, of course you have many breed rings and depending on which day you go depends on which breeds are showing so check the website. There is the main ring where all sorts happen from agility, flyball, canine freestyle, displays and Best In Show.  The YKC ring which is for the youngsters in the dog world and you will see future stars in all disciplines - this was my world when I was younger :). There is the Good Citizen ring where demonstrations take place from dogs which have completed the Kennel Club's Good Citizen training courses take part in displays - a great scheme for pet dogs. Finally there is the Dog Activities Ring where you can go if you want to get involved with any of the disciplines as there are people there who have competed in and trained in their chosen discipline.

Another major part of Crufts is Discover Dogs where you can meet every single breed registered with the KC. Great if you are thinking about a new dog as you can ask the owners loads of questions to find out if they are right for you.

Finally there is the shopping, wow! So many things you can by for your dog, for you and for any dog loving friends!

Tickets are cheaper if you buy online so get buying now ready for March 6-9!! Crufts is great for all the family, something for everyone! To learn more and buy tickets, visit:

Here was me in the YKC ring with my little rescue collie, Cas (now 14):

And in the main ring:

With Ember my sheltie:

With Rum, my welsh sheepdog cross collie:

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