Friday, 28 February 2014

Santa Marilha Horse Excursion - Sal, Cape Verde

I came across this excursion on facebook, wherever I go on holiday I always take the oppurtunity to explore my surroundings on horseback.

This looked and sounded perfect as they don't take massive groups out on tours, it is more about you and the riding. Therefore you can tailor it to your needs.

Being an experienced rider I wanted to properly gallop along a beautiful beach and they said no problem. Mark decided to come along and they said they could take him off if he didn't want to gallop but he said he wanted to give it a go. Brave man having never galloped and not ridden properly since he was child!

It was amazing, really was, I have never been on a ride where you can truly do what you want when you want. If you wanted to gallop, off you went then if you wanted a nice gentle relaxing walk you could. One guide comes with you to take care of you but like I say you can pretty much do as you want.

Horses are beautifully looked after and tack is in brilliant condition. They also take photos for you as you ride and these are included, no extra cost.

If you are travelling to Sal, definitely something to do, it's just so idyllic :) Here's our Go Pro video