Thursday, 23 April 2015

Buying a Mobile Phone

I feel the need to write about my recent exploits trying to buy a mobile phone, which you would think would be a pretty easy thing to do, right?  Well not in my case.  I wanted to buy the phone and not take out a contract as I had damaged my iPhone beyond repair but was still under contract so unless I wanted to pay an arm and a leg to upgrade it worked out better for me to just buy a pay as you go/sim free phone.

O2 it seems didn't offer the Samsung S6 Edge on pay as you go so that was a no go.

EE didn't know when they were going to get stock so I left that one.


Ah three, what a nightmare I have had.  I have seriously considered swapping to Three as I like some of the added extras they offer like being able to use your phone abroad for no extra charge but now I will avoid like the plague!  So in store they advised I could pay for the phone but would need a cheap contract for £8 a month attached to it, however they couldn't pre-order a phone so I would have to ring in a couple of days to see if any had come in.  Fine, but then we had a bite to eat and I looked at their website which was offering the phone for delivery in a couple of days without the £8 monthly contract, you just had to put a £10 top up on it there and then.  Great, I tried to order and unfortunately my credit card was declined, I spoke to Halifax who confirmed my card was unlocked and ready to use so I tried again and still payment wouldn't go through.  The message on their website advised 'go in to a 3Store where we will be pleased to help.'

So off I went back to the Telford store who told me they had never heard of such a thing, the manager came out and said no, the website is a separate option we can't help.  They wouldn't pre-order for me or take my payment as they 'don't pre-order pay as you go.'  Fine I thought I will ring and pay, again no joy, they can't take payment over the phone as it is too much money.  Told me to try again online or to go in store.  So that was that then, I tried online with different cards and I think it is just that our internet is too slow here but am penalised now and can't order with them as there is no other way to pay.  REALLY poor service.  Also annoyed that they do offer a Pay as You Go yet in store they said I would have to have a cheap contract too.

Carphone Warehouse

To be fair they were really helpful in store, advised us how much a contact would add up to over 24 months, spoke to us about how much I could get as a trade in for my old iPhone and was really good.  He said I could have the phone the next day but it is only available on a contract.

After everything with Three I looked on Carphone Warehouse and discovered actually that they do offer the phone on pay as you go and I have since ordered it with the same card I tried on Three's website.

What I am absolutely disgusted about is these companies blatantly LIE about how you can buy a phone, both companies are only interested in a contract deal and choose actually to lie to you to try and force you into a contract.  When you are sure you do not want a contract they obviously would rather lose the business.  It is just disgusting the blatant lies that they tell you, in this day and age where businesses are so strictly regulated they should not be allowed to lie as they do.  I am really losing faith and just don't trust a word any of these companies tell you.