Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Great Outdoors #betterwithcake!

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day (unusual for Easter Monday!) so we decided we would head out a bit further into the country to our local point to point.  What better way to enjoy the sunshine with a picnic which was made #betterwithcake!

Macy actually picked her Joules hoodie out herself which I though was very apt! 

However it may have been something to do with me telling her we were going to see the horses!!
My mum, Macy and I found ourselves a lovely spot on the bank overlooking the racecourse and sat down to enjoy our hog roast rolls.  What better way to finish than with some cake.  Mr Kipling had sent us a lovely selection and I thought Macy might enjoy the classic fondant fancies that I enjoyed as a child – lovely colourful bites of heaven.  However instead she chose a Viennese Whirl – she knows her own mind and she doesn’t have an overly sweet tooth.  So we all enjoyed a Viennese whirl in the sunshine, three generations enjoying classic Mr Kipling.  Lovely buttery crumbly biscuit with just the right amount of jam and buttercream and only 145 calories so I didn’t feel too guilty afterwards!  Mind you walking up and down the bank a couple of times soon burnt that off!

It was lovely to be outdoors in the sunshine and Macy loved her afternoon out as she was free to do what she wanted and play (floating grass boats in the dog's water bowl much to his disgust!)

I don’t give Macy a lot of sweet things and when I do I tend to make my own cakes so it is nice to know the Mr Kipling range has 100% natural flavours and no artificial colours.

Of course we can always find an excuse for some cake, a little snack after dinner whilst doing some colouring always goes down a treat!
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